Artist Spotlight feat. Jamar Carr

The state of Hip Hop music (whether mainstream or independent) has taken a turn, not necessarily for the worse, but definitely not for the best. And that is where Jamar Carr comes in. Born in Crown Heights Brooklyn and raised in Jamaica Queens, he is the next best thing to our J. Cole or Kendrick, both of which he would say is his best competition. … Continue reading Artist Spotlight feat. Jamar Carr

Culture Vultures 🦅

What classifies someone as a “culture vulture”? 🤔 Instantly, I think of people like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Iggy can get put on the list too. Over the years, I’ve had this discussion quite a few times and the responses have been pretty standard across the board, “A culture vulture is any white person who does “black” things”. NOT TRUE. Tiger Woods … Continue reading Culture Vultures 🦅

“Drop Top Wop” is coming May 26th!

 This is the first glimpse into Gucci Mane’s upcoming project with Metro Boomin entitled “Drop Top Wop”. He posted this pic with the caption, “May 26 last year I walked outta prison! May 26 this year I’m dropping #DropTopWOP #TrackList #ProducedBy @metroboomin #1017 10:17AM” this morning on his Instagram @laflare1017 followed by the album cover art below on his Twitter account @gucci1017, which looks a lot like … Continue reading “Drop Top Wop” is coming May 26th!