I am Carmen Roxanna…

untitled-1First off, I would like to introduce myself for those that do not know me personally. My name is Carmen Roxanna (yes, that really is my first and middle name)and I’m from St. Petersburg, FL. My desire for journalism, specifically broadcast journalism, carries back to 2000 when I first sat in front of a live camera, reporting the John Hopkins Middle School morning news. But my love of hip-hop music and its culture is rooted back to around 1991, when I first heard “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”. Then my love strengthened around 1997 when Missy came out with “Rain”. I think we’re reaching our peak these days with J. Cole and Chris Brown. BUT, I could just be biased *shrugs*. My opinions about music in general is so multi-faceted that I could go on about the history, the lifestyle, the music, the artists, etc so why not create a platform to share those opinions and engage in real conversations with others who love the same thing you do? Not too many people know of my passions but I feel like now is a better time than never to let everybody know.

I’m the one to come to for the latest ALL THINGS HIP-HOP…and it’s unwritten (like the title says) so my opinion comes “as-is”. No swaying, no feelings considered.
Let’s have a talk about OUR community. #lilrapbabie