Artist Spotlight feat. Jamar Carr

The state of Hip Hop music (whether mainstream or independent) has taken a turn, not necessarily for the worse, but definitely not for the best. And that is where Jamar Carr comes in. Born in Crown Heights Brooklyn and raised in Jamaica Queens, he is the next best thing to our J. Cole or Kendrick, both of which he would say is his best competition. giving the world social consciousness and telling stories the underdog can relate to. Starting at the age of 13, Jamar has come a long way musically and his latest project “Politically Incorrect: Wealth In The Ghetto” showcases that growth. Citing 50 Cent’s “In The Club” as the inspiration behind his love of song writing, he makes sure the New York sound is alive and still in motion.

Check out his latest video “Nothing New” below to see for yourself.

Jamar Carr is making all of the right moves and is definitely on track to becoming New York’s next breakout artist. He is has already been reviewed on and has also been featured on numerous mixtapes and performed at showcases throughout New York. His music can be heard on most music outlets to included Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, iTunes and Tidal. Look out for his upcoming release “Hidden Jewels: The New York Diaries” through his distribution deal with Bentley Records.

Keep Jamar Carr on the radar and on your playlists. And to stay connected, follow him on his socials below:


Facebook: Official Jamar Carr

Instagram: @ipochasee

Twitter: @Jamar_Carr

Youtube: JamarCarr

Soundcloud: JamarCarr

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