My Favorite Moments in Black Television

I was born in 1988. When video games and internet were barely a “thing”. I was a 90’s kid and you were the shit just for having basic cable! Fortunately for me, we had a few channels like ABC, UPN, BET, etc and back then tv brought the family in the same room even if for an hour or two. There were SO many shows that I remember were in heavy rotation at my house and listed below are just a few but my most memorable moments from those shows.

The first day of the New Year leads to a lot reflection and reminiscing and today I reminisced on old school tv, in the black household.



“The Romantic Weekend”

When Martin and Gina decide to take a secret vacation, they STILL end up meeting with Tommy and Pam…and a “puppy” 😂


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

“Papa’s Got A Brand New Excuse”

Will’s absent father comes back…barely 😒 and Will Smith lands his first legendary performance 🤩


The Jamie Foxx Show

“Always and Forever”

After 5 years, Jamie and Fancy get married 💍💒


Good Times

“The Big Move”

The shatter heard around the world…as Florida Evans grieves the death of her husband James.

The Cosby Show

“Happy Anniversary”

The Huxtables surprise granny and grandpa for their 49th anniversary with the dopest family performance of all time! 😂



“Paying The Piper”

That time Dorian tried to finesse and got Myles kidnapped 🤦🏾‍♀️ The worst cliffhanger in tv history! 😡


Family Matters

“Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool”

Stefan Urquelle made his debut 😍


College Hill Virgin Islands

“Crystal vs Vanessa”

When reality tv was just as real as the fights 👊🏾💥


In Living Color

“Ugly Wanda sings with En Vogue”

Jamie Foxx as Ugly Wanda…who didn’t remember this skit😫😂


Share your memories in the comments or on my socials!

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