Pretty Girls have issues too…

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. And although today is May 31, I specifically wanted to use the very last day to open up and talk about my own personal about with mental health, more specifically anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed with PTSD and severe anxiety last November. And as many people would guess it was partially military related. Yes, for those that don’t … Continue reading Pretty Girls have issues too…

Artist Spotlight feat. Co’Ke OneHunded

One of St. Pete’s hidden talents is Co’Ke OneHunded. This artist may not look like the philosopher but that is exactly what he is. His street sense combined with his love for music makes for an artistry that is not common here or anywhere. But he doesn’t keep himself at the forefront of the music scene; for a very good reason. His motive is to … Continue reading Artist Spotlight feat. Co’Ke OneHunded

Artist Spotlight feat. Jamar Carr

The state of Hip Hop music (whether mainstream or independent) has taken a turn, not necessarily for the worse, but definitely not for the best. And that is where Jamar Carr comes in. Born in Crown Heights Brooklyn and raised in Jamaica Queens, he is the next best thing to our J. Cole or Kendrick, both of which he would say is his best competition. … Continue reading Artist Spotlight feat. Jamar Carr

Comedian Spotlight feat. Barak Amen

His name really is Barak Amen. Hailing from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Mr. #ImSoPetty is the epitome of distinguished success. Since 2009, Barak has blessed many stages and sent many audiences into hysterics with his raw and relatable performances and a branding that has taken on a life of its own. His resume includes performances at Broadway Comedy Club in New York and the Tampa, Orlando … Continue reading Comedian Spotlight feat. Barak Amen

Culture Vultures 🦅

What classifies someone as a “culture vulture”? 🤔 Instantly, I think of people like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Iggy can get put on the list too. Over the years, I’ve had this discussion quite a few times and the responses have been pretty standard across the board, “A culture vulture is any white person who does “black” things”. NOT TRUE. Tiger Woods … Continue reading Culture Vultures 🦅