Spectacular Smith’s Company ‘Adwizar’ Named The Best Privately Owned Company In America On The Entrepreneur 360 List

While fans are screaming like its 2005 for #PrettyRicky on #TheMillenniumTour, one member of the R&B group has his own accomplishments to be excited for, as Spectacular Smith has been honored a top spot on the #Entrepreneur360 list for his social media marketing company, #Adwizar.

According to #EntrepreneurMagazine, Spectacular’s company has been named as one of America’s Best Privately-Owned Companies listed on the highly anticipated Entrepreneur 360 list for 2019. ‘Adwizar’ has been recognized for its accelerated growth and incorporation of impact, innovation and leadership within its field.

Spectacular has continued to run his award winning company from the road while on the Millenium Tour, which happens to be the 2nd highest grossing tour of the year. His back and forth commute between Adwizar’s Los Angeles headquarters and numerous sold out shows, has proven not only that Smith’s entrepreneurship skills are top-notch but also that his company has definite staying power.

In addition to singing and his highly successful social media growth company, Spectacular’s other endeavors include real estate and crypto investing, keynote speaking, television and being a best-selling author with his book “How To Make Good Love Last”. When the young entrepreneur needs some motivation and real guidance, it’s known that Spec is the go-to guy…he can relate!

He even gave me a little gem to take with me on my entrepreneurial journey, stating, “As long as you have the drive and willingness to learn while being coach able, you’ll see success.” Who wouldn’t agree!?

I want to personally congratulate Spectacular Smith for inspiring the culture and for his most recent achievement 👏🏾 And for those of you who may be unfamiliar, soak up a little bit of motivational game from Spec himself below…


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