Culture Vultures 🦅

What classifies someone as a “culture vulture”? 🤔 Instantly, I think of people like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Iggy can get put on the list too. Over the years, I’ve had this discussion quite a few times and the responses have been pretty standard across the board, “A culture vulture is any white person who does “black” things”. NOT TRUE. Tiger Woods … Continue reading Culture Vultures 🦅

XXXTentacion: “Look At Me!” New Music Video

So I watched this video from XXXTentacion for his single “Look At Me!” this morning. Prior to watching the video, my immediate thoughts were based off the opinions of others so instead of following suite ignorantly, I searched the video myself, watched it, and realized that there was an actual message to this piece of work. Now if you havent seen the video or couldnt … Continue reading XXXTentacion: “Look At Me!” New Music Video

Serving in the military while BLACK

Anyone who knows even the slightest about me knows that I am a HUGE advocate for service members, as I am an Air Force veteran myself having served 8 years. It isn’t the “fighting for our country” part that I am sensitive to because let’s be honest guys, this country is fighting AGAINST us. It is the fact that these people are always going to be … Continue reading Serving in the military while BLACK

The Emasculation of Hip Hop Fashion

Under no 🙅🏾 circumstances should a grown man wear women’s attire. Leggings, skirts, blouses, dresses, none of the above 🚫. That applies to the norm and the famous. But as we all know, the famous influences a great portion of hip hop culture. Fashion trends among rappers stayed pretty consistent through the 90’s and 00’s but dammit man have these n*ggas taken “originality” too damn … Continue reading The Emasculation of Hip Hop Fashion