Jeezy Breaks Into Telecommunications With Launch Of State-of-the-Art F3 Cell Phone and F-Buds In Partnership With Figgers Communications

When a business conscious hip-hop entrepreneur joins forces with a patented computer programmer and inventor, some definite tech magic is bound to happen and hence, the release of the F3 cellular phone and the F-Buds earpods from Figgers Communications.

Grammy-nominated rapper, Jeezy announced a new partnership with telecommunications entrepreneur, Freddie Figgers, founder of Figgers Communications. Through their partnership, Jeezy and Freddie aim to democratize and bring quality technology to market with wireless products that rival current competitor standards, but at a much more affordable price. The first products to be released under the new partnership are the F3 cellular phone and the F-Buds earpods.

In a press release, Jeezy says, “There was a point in my life where I wasn’t able to pay the phone bill. Now as a businessman and entrepreneur to be able to partner with Freddie, someone who overcame similar life obstacles, and to give people more access to handheld technology at an affordable price, it’s truly a blessing.”


The F3 5G-ready cell phone features a stunning 6.2″ edge to edge 4k display with state-of-the-art 18 Megapixel dual cameras, also offering true global freedom which allows users to take their phone almost anywhere in the world and use it with any mobile carrier. The F3 phone allows for multiple user profiles without the threat of sharing any personal data and features dual sim cards, giving customers the option of two phones numbers in a single phone. In addition to its technological advancements, the F3 is made of the most durable and state of the art materials including  Gorilla® glass to resist hard falls and Figgers® Nano-coating technology for water resistance (up to 30 mins submerged).

Using the latest in wireless Bluetooth technology, the F-Buds offer complete freedom of motion and are fully equipped with custom built-in microphones. The F-Buds are designed to pair up with any Bluetooth device, model phone and tablet. When paired with Figgers® phones (e.g. Figgers F3), F-Buds allows the user to translate over 100 languages to the language of choice. Featuring an industry leading 50 hours of talk time on a single charge, the F-Buds can be fully charged in just 30 minutes.

Freddie Figgers said, “As the youngest African-American to own and operate an independent, U.S. based telecommunications company, I built Figgers Communications on the premise that telecommunications access should be attainable for everyone. The Jeezy/Figgers Wireless partnership is a natural evolution of two men who experienced some of the same challenges during our upbringing but rose above those circumstances to make our mark.”

The F3 cell phone has a retail price of $449 and F-Buds earpods retail at only $49. They are both now available for purchase at

Congratulations to Jeezy and Freddie Figgers!

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