Artist Spotlight feat. Co’Ke OneHunded

5eacb05e-563b-46fe-a6af-a137abea4d43-e1523893766792.jpegOne of St. Pete’s hidden talents is Co’Ke OneHunded. This artist may not look like the philosopher but that is exactly what he is. His street sense combined with his love for music makes for an artistry that is not common here or anywhere. But he doesn’t keep himself at the forefront of the music scene; for a very good reason. His motive is to accumulate as much dope music as possible behind the scenes and unexpectedly take over. He is a producer, writer and artist so he comes from all angles.

Plus, his drive to make sure his whole team eats is beyond comparison! There aren’t too many that vow to hold their city down and bring those in his corner with them on their rise but Co’Ke is one of the realest souls known in St. Petersburg and his working resume reflects just that. His collaborations include Remy Fritts, IAMFLUX, TEO, and Jay Spiffy to name just a few.

Check out the dope visuals for the smash “Cant Wait” with his partner in crime IAMFLUX below.


Be on the look out for new music from Coke coming later this year and to keep up with his journey, follow him on his socials:

Facebook: CoKe OneHunded

Instagram: co_ke1hundedofficial



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