The Emasculation of Hip Hop Fashion

Under no 🙅🏾 circumstances should a grown man wear women’s attire. Leggings, skirts, blouses, dresses, none of the above 🚫. That applies to the norm and the famous. But as we all know, the famous influences a great portion of hip hop culture. Fashion trends among rappers stayed pretty consistent through the 90’s and 00’s but dammit man have these n*ggas taken “originality” too damn far 👐🏾. In a genre where your manhood means everything and it damn near ostracizes homosexuality, you would think this wouldn’t be a subject of discussion.

camronThe very first ☝🏾 inclination that we were taking a wrong turn with our men was when Cam’ron started the pink trend back in he early 00’s. Some may say this doesn’t classify as “girly” but it’s a known fact that pink is definitely a feminine color and clothing for men in pink was not common, clearly for a reason. The point being is that Cam’ron wore pink as a testimony to his independence and his right to wear whatever he wants. It could also be assumed that it was to show that even the most hood of n*ggas could wear pink and still put the same fear in dude’s heart 💪🏾. Who is to say what the reason was but nonetheless, I say Cam’ron initiated the shit. And Lil Wayne actually ramped it up…

wayneLil Wayne, outta nowhere, became this black skateboard hero for the suburban kids and of course, with skateboarding comes tight pants. SKATEBOARDERS have been known to wear skinny jeans for years, that much we know. But Wayne, is a rapper and “rappers don’t wear tight clothing.” I guess if you’re a rapper and a skateboarder, you can get away with the jeans…to a certain extent. As if it didn’t already look crazy af, he started SAGGING skinny jeans! Again, to assume, that gives you the “at least I’m not wearing them like a female cuz I’m sagging” justification 🙄😒. Unfortunately, this trend hasn’t died down one bit and has actually gotten worse…


Young Thug pops up on the scene wearing blouses to accompany those skinny jeans! 😂Kanye, Diddy, A$AP Rocky, all dudes that took it to the next level and wore skirts, I mean “KILTS” but for no good reasoning because upon some slight research, none of the mentioned males are of Scottish decent so…

But wait! There’s more!

uzi vertLil Uzi Vert and Young Thug rock purses 👜 and Cee-Lo Green wore a whole damn dress 👗on MULTIPLE occasions! Even one of GOATS Andre 3000 had my eyebrow raised back in the “Hey Ya” days when he was always rocking colored wigs like Lil Kim 👨🏾‍🎤. And the latest trend apparently is men wearing rompers, which has been debatable on many levels, but within days of the “romphims” trending, Young Dro was accused of succumbing to the fashion faux pas.

The same way white men would use various tactics to emasculate black men during slavery, I feel in some way is what’s going on now. Hip Hop music is the mainstream, it controls a major part of the entertainment business as a whole. Meaning black people are gaining power in ways I’m sure the rich white man would not prefer. It is known through history that once the white man feels threatened of their “superiority” they destroy the adversaries progress (like Black Wall Street). I’m something like a conspiracy theorist so in my mind, there is possibility that these record labels are manipulating artist into “selling” their manhood to show they support “equality”. Maybe they don’t want black men to be viewed as powerful so they dress them up in the most feminine of attire as to make black women un-attracted to them. This would then lessen the chances of procreation between black and white women and eventually eliminate black people. Am I reaching there? But in all seriousness, there is something going on and I pray for all of our sake that this phase ends within the coming years. Because if I see a rapper in heels next, I’m turning to country music.

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