Who’s Next Best?

The loss of Michael Jackson is still a healing wound in the music and entertainment space. Michael Jackson was such an untouchable, incomparable artist, it would be impossible to ever replace the likes of him. But that does NOT mean artists from the new generation have not had the opportunity to make their way to the top of the music industry. Michael Jackson has reigned supreme for over 40 decades. When it comes to talent and artistry, who is the next best to MJ for the new generation? Let me do MY quick rundown of who and why.

Chris Brown is the next best thing we have to Michael Jackson. I’ve said this numerous times and I will not be swayed until someone births another young man as gifted as CB. And although I have always had support in that statement, there is always opposition! This weekend, however, brought on some opposition I was not prepared for. BEYONCE! BEYONCE!? Of course, we all know how quick trending topics fade in and out these days. Just this time last week the world was all into Cardi B and “Invasion Of Privacy”…two days later it was Nicki Minaj releasing “Chun Li” and “Barbie Tingz”…then three days later, Beyonce performs at Coachella; even though it was the same type of performance she always does (with a few dope surprises, I might add), the world still shut down for 48 hrs and celebrated all things Beyonce. Then the Beyhive on social media goes insane stating Beyonce is comparable to Michael Jackson. I don’t agree. Not to take ANYTHING away from Beyonce because she is an extraordinary talent! I just think her cult fans take things way out of proportion. LOL Remember when Michael Jordan decided to play baseball and all of his die hard cult fans followed and supported him? He sucked! But his fans still rode the wheels off for him, whether he was good or not. That’s how I feel Beyonce’s fans are. Beyonce has influence that no other artist on Earth has and that is why she is so powerful, not strictly her talent. Compare that to Michael, who was the best in his field in singing, dancing and performing. Check this out…

Chris Brown, Usher, Omarion, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake ALL known to be well versed and have many talents. And out of them, none are more successful than Beyonce but some have more talent(s) than she does. Michael Jackson was great at everything! Not too many can sing better than her but as far as dancing…lets not even go there. Ciara! Teyana! JENNIFER LOPEZ! Even if we take it a step further and count just the top of the field: Chris is still one of the best in singing, dancing and performing…naturally. Beyonce is best 2 out of 3.

If comparisons absolutely had to be made, I would compare Chris to Michael and Beyonce to Janet. This conversation could go so many different directions but I like to state my opinion and dip so I’m gonna leave it as is for now. BUT I want to hear your side!

Who do you think is the next G.O.A.T? Or do you think it stops at Michael?

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